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The training of Iraqi’s is a useless gesture, this has been confirmed over and over again and it is now fact. Iraqi Sunni’s will not fight Isis and in fact have largely chosen to join the Islamic state. Obama is making a mistake listening to those who call for a greater U S role in the country. The best thing for the president to do would be to draw out all ground troops at once. Leaving U S troops in country is to invite disaster. If Isis should manage to over run one of our training bases and kill or capture any number of American troops , how much more can things get worse. If the Arabs aren’t willing to clean house, we Americans have no duty to clean it up for them. Sure it would be ugly but Islam must evolve and this jihadism is part of that evolution. Somewhere there must be moderate Muslims who will rise up and bring an end to this insanity. We should build our defences and keep alert but we must stay out and let the people over there handle their own business.